Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you would like the most effective form of permanent hair reduction, at the most competitive prices in the North of England and be treated in a professional, clinical environment, then you are at the right place. Like many Harley Street clinics, here at Simply Smooth we use the Polaris ND Yag laser to permenantly reduce hair on the face and body. The laser is safe, effective and treats all skin tones including white, dark and asain skin.

Laser hair removal works by emitting intense light directly through the skin to the melanin in the hair follicle, which is then destroyed and therefore unable to produce new hair. After a number of treatments hair growth will be permanently reduced. Each hair follicle lies either; live (when the hair is growing), dormant (inactive) or dead. Repeat treatment is required to catch most possible hair cycles i.e. when the hair follicle is live and hair is growing. Once the machine has been set to the correct wavelength, the laser is delivered from a hand piece. The skin is sectioned into small areas and each is lasered in turn. Both the clinician and client wear goggles. A mild tingling sensation is usually experienced and clients usually chat quite happily whilst feeling comfortable and relaxed. In the following two weeks, treated hair will continue to grow and then fall out.

At Simply Smooth we are realistic about treatment expectations. Changes in hormone levels due to pregnancy or menopause can liven previously dormant hair follicles and some hair growth may become visible. A one off session of laser can help eliminate these. Any hair growth following laser is usually thinner and lighter in colour.

Laser hair removal is actually a relatively painless procedure for most people. Each of us has a different pain threshold and the most severely reported experience has been described as akin to a pinprick. Others describe the treatment as an elastic band being snapped on the skin surface. Most people lay back and enjoy the music whilst being treated.

A laser patch test is mandatory and this is to ensure that there are no adverse reactions to the treatment. These are extremely rare. A full medical history check is completed to ensure that there are no risks to you. Again, there are very few medical concerns, which prohibit the use of laser. The laser hair removal procedure itself is very simple. When carried out by a trained clinician the process is harmless and completely safe. After laser hair removal, skin can appear slightly pink. This usually resides within a few hours.